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Smarteq. A professional team of events technology experts you can rely on.

Our company has what it takes to get the most out of any event, any time. What’s our secret? Simple. Our experienced professionals understand your needs, and our unmatched equipment pool and creative solutions will guarantee the success of your event.

Our services


Pitch perfect.

Pitch perfect.


One of the mainstays of our events is the right sound technology. For us, it goes without saying that every event should be music to your ears, whether it’s a press conference or an orchestral concert. We match the sound systems perfectly with the character of the productions, ensuring that our state-of-the-art mixing desks and microphones deliver the very best sound possible.


For your eyes too.

Pitch perfect.


Moving pictures can take almost any form, and we bring them to life. We create high quality visual content to ensure that every frame captures the viewer’s imagination. We can breathe life into your messages to life on a wide or tall screen, LED wall or hologram.


We build whole worlds of light, without walls.


If you like, we can transform a concrete jungle into an elegant stately home, a bare room into a cosy, atmospheric space. We decorate, entertain, and create new worlds with our lighting systems. The possibilities are virtually limitless!


When a show becomes an unforgettable experience.


All eyes should be on the main attraction! At our events, we highlight the on-stage action to give both the performers and the audience what they like.

Our work

Ne maradjon le semmiről!

Tudjon meg többet a rendezvénytechnika színes világáról! Értesüljön a technikai újdonságokról és ismerje meg legemlékezetesebb rendezvényeinket.

Legyen képben mi zajlik a színfalak mögött, iratkozzon fel rendszeres hírlevelünkre itt!

Who are we?

Lovers of events, with a decade of experience, a streak of perfectionism, and an innovative vision of the future.

The Smarteq team

Smarteq is a team of highly experienced professionals with a proven track record in the events technology market. As representatives of A.Vision Ltd., already well-known for its special tools, and Fable Ltd., which offers creative solutions, they now offer the crème de la crème of technical solutions under the name of Smarteq.

Gál Mirkó technikai vezető

Mirkó Gál
Chief Technical Manager

Mándoky Szittya értékesítési vezető

Szittya Mándoky
Sales Manager

Simori Gergő műszaki menedzser

Gergő Simori
Technical Manager

Rotkai Rita projekt menedzser

Rita Rotkai
Project Manager

Hörnyéki Gergő műszaki menedzser

Gergő Hörnyéki
Technical Manager

Tóth Dániel vezető technikus

Dániel Tóth
Senior Technician

Anikó Gáspár
Office Manager

Szabó Miklós Design Specialist

Miklós Szabó
Design Specialist


Smarteq AVS Ltd.

1033 Budapest, Szentendrei st. 89-95.

Phone: +36 30 631 9475